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A Change in the Wrong Direction

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Today is the day here in the UK, we vote for the system of voting to be used on future elections. Well, that’s not strictly speaking the case, as the vote is whether or not to accept one specific system, the Alternative Voting system. This would not only change the way we count the votes, but how we actually vote. Instead of voting for who you want or against the party you don’t want, voting is replaced with ranking candidates in order of preference, meaning you no longer need to choose between parties you like, only how much you like them.

Now if the problems with AV aren’t immediately apparent from the previous paragraph, allow me to elaborate. Firstly, AV doesn’t solve any of the problems of First Past The Post, the current system used by most of the world. Issues such as tactical voting will just change and adapt to fit the new system, political campaigns will see to that. AV is also much more complicated, adding even more bureaucracy to an already lengthy election process and will confuse many at the point of counting. AV supporters are quick to point out the fact that it’s not hard to rank candidates, but neglect to sum up the way a winner is decided, as it cannot be done in a sentence. In short, it’s more complicated and so there is more that can go wrong or be disputed.

However, the most compelling reason to vote against AV is actually highlighted by it’s own referendum. No one could fail to understand how to vote, it’s easy to campaign for or against and counting requires just two piles. Furthermore, every vote really does count. Not your second choice, not your third, forth or even fifth choice, but your actual choice. The reason so many don’t vote in elections, aside from the lies and hypocrisy in politics, is the feeling that it just won’t make a difference. With AV, the chances of your real choice making a difference are even smaller.

Two party politics would seem to represent a much easier, more focussed system and with increasing victories for fringe groups such as the Green party and the BNP, AV is the complete opposite to what this country needs. The Alternative Vote is exactly that, just an alternative and that is what the yes camp is relying on. Voting yes is simply voting for change from the current system, but a change in the wrong direction. Change for the sake of change doesn’t solve problems.

Vote NO in the AV referendum.

NO to AV


Written by atalukdar

May 5, 2011 at 12:00 am